Princess bubblegum coloring pages

Bubblegum’s first creation was her “Uncle” Gumbald, whom she created after feeling lonely and desiring a companion. Gumbald originated the idea of a Candy Kingdom but became tyrannical, forcing Bubblegum to turn him into an average, unintelligent Candy Person using “dum-dum juice”. Bubblegum also created an “Aunt” Lolly and a “Cousin” Chicle, who were also turned into Candy People for assisting Gumbald. Near the end of the series, Gumbald, Lolly, and Chicle are returned to their prior forms and seek revenge on Bubblegum, though Gumbald and Chicle are turned back into Candy People. Lolly repents and reconciles with Bubblegum, helping her look after Neddy as seen in the epilogue. Bubblegum’s other creations include the Earl of Lemongrab and two “candy sphinxes” named Goliad and Stormo.