Police 911 coloring pages for kids

As the player successfully completes each sub-part of a level, they gain a point towards a new rank. The higher a player’s rank, the greater bonuses they can receive; growing time increments to start, followed by additional “lives”, with the highest rank rewarding the player with 100 additional lives—however, considering that the timer continues to decrease whenever a player goes through their death animation, and that no additional time bonuses will be given after they reach that rank, this may be more of an oversight by the design team, or that the design team knows that there was no way for the player to use all those lives in one game because of the time. In addition, the player’s rank reverts to the bottom whenever they get shot, so a potential strategy for a skilled player would be to ascend to the point where they gain a life, then immediately die so the time bonuses may be re-earned.