Backyard baseball coloring pages

Sometimes accompanying the four standard batting modes (Power, Line Drive, Grounder and Bunt), some beneficial power-ups appear. In the original Backyard Baseball, these batting power-ups appeared when the player got a hit when the computer used a “crazy pitch” (see below). Starting from Backyard Baseball 2001, the power ups were awarded after a hit off a “crazy pitch” and when the player turned a double play or triple play on defense. In addition to these batting power-ups, pitching power-ups, or “crazy pitches,” also progressively appear, though they are much more frequent and in number, occurring whenever the player strikes an opponent out. These pitches consume much more energy and causes the strike zone to expand, so most of the pitches given are never used consecutively. In addition to the “crazy pitches,” a strikeout may also award the player “More Juice,” a full energy recharge for the pitcher that can be used when the player sees fit to use it.