Arthur christmas coloring pages

On Christmas Eve, hundreds of Christmas elves helm the command centre of Father Christmas’s mile-wide, ultra-high-tech sleigh-esque craft, the S-1. The current Santa, Malcolm Claus, and the Christmas elves deliver presents to every child in the world using advanced equipment and military precision. These complex operations are micromanaged by thousands more elves, under the command of Malcolm’s militaristic eldest son and heir-apparent Steve, and his obsequious elfin assistant, Peter, at mission control underneath the North Pole. Meanwhile, his younger son—the clumsy, nervous yet enthusiastic Arthur—devotedly answers the letters to Santa. During one of the delivery operations in Poland a child wakes up and almost sees Malcolm due to an accidentally activated toy (in 1816 a similar incident happened and the Santa of that time was forced into hiding and the holiday was almost destroyed); in the tense escape operation, a Christmas elf aboard the S-1 inadvertently leans on a button, causing a present to fall from the supply line and go unnoticed.